Who does not feel like enjoying a wonderful and comforting ncoffee at any time of the day?

Without a doubt, drinking a cup of coffee while we read, look at the mobile or simply rest is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

However, a pleasant moment like this can get cloudy because the taste of our favourite drink is not the same as always.

This usually happens because we have not cleaned our Dolce Gusto coffee machine correctly, something that can be done quickly, easily and simply by following the advice in this post, which will also allow you to guarantee and increase its useful life.

Easy And Simple Steps To Clean Your Dolce Gusto

Before handling your coffee maker, make sure it is unplugged from the mains. Make sure that this is the case and, after removing the water tank, start the cleaning process.

Clean the head. To do this, open the locking lever and remove the capsule holder. Wrap a small brush with a damp napkin and rub the inside of the head until all the dirt comes out.

Clean the capsule holder. Either by hand or in the dishwasher, rinse the capsule holder while the coffee maker dries. Once clean, dry it with a cloth, place it in the machine and lock it with the closure.

Clean the drip tray. This component of your Dolce Gusto is not compatible with any dishwasher, so you will have to clean it by hand with a brush. Dry it well and put it back in its place.

Clean the water tank. Remove it from the coffee maker, empty it and clean it with a cloth and some water. Once this is done, fill it with fresh water and place it in place.

Clean the coffee maker circuit. Launch twice a coffee brewing cycle, but without putting any capsule, there is only water. The first time do it with hot water and the second with cold water.

Clean the coffee nozzle. With use, this injector clogs causing the coffee to go out without pressure, with little foam or in very low quantities. To avoid this, remove the water tank from your Dolce Gusto coffee maker and take the cleaning needle that all coffee makers bring to that effect. Use it carefully to remove all dry debris that may clog the nozzle.

As you can see, it is very easy to have your coffee maker ready to prepare you an exquisite coffee with all its flavour and aroma. So that nothing spoils that wonderful moment that occurs when you take the first sip of your favourite freshly made beverage, in addition to following the steps described above, you need to descale your coffee maker every so often with a specific product for this purpose, one of the best items on the market to have as the first day not only the coffee maker but any appliance that needs this type of maintenance, such as the washing machine or the dishwasher.

In addition, if you have lost or broken any of the components of your Dolce Gusto, at fersay.com you can find everything you need as a capsule holder , water tanks  or seals .